Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Kent School of English

The 21st of April, 12 students and 2 teachers are going to fly to Broadstairs to spend a week there studying English, living with British families and visiting some of the most important cities of the area like Canterbury, Margate  and finally enjoying a full day excursion to London.

                                                       KENT SCHOOL OF ENGLISH

This is the school where they will have their daily lessons during the week in Broadstairs.
You can have an idea of the course clicking on the link bellow
Kent School of English
Our course is going to be a full board course instead of  a  half board one and the transfers from the airport to Broadstairs and vice versa are  also included.

ILCO is going to organize our course in Broadstairs

Our trip to Broadstairs

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Map of the SouthEast of England

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 Broadstairs Dickens Festival